Big Mike Williams, Kenny Britt and Allen Robinson Comparables

Allen Robinson Using the similarity search criteria that I laid out yesterday, I’m going to be doing quick posts for each of the receivers in this year’s draft. I always say that similarity doesn’t equal destiny, so you can take these all with a grain of salt. When I go through comps I’m mostly looking to see if the comparable players changes my view of the subject player at all. I should also say that when I look at comparables, I don’t say “how many of the comps are Hall of Famers?” – that’s a standard that isn’t very helpful. I’ll even see players that some might consider negative while I consider them a positive. For instance, I always think it’s cool when Hakeem Nicks shows up in a player’s comps. Nicks was a great college player and then succeeded in the NFL at a very young age before his career was derailed by injuries. Kenny Britt is another example where I probably have a slightly more positive view. Even if Britt’s dominant games in the NFL can be counted on two hands (or maybe even one hand), he was a beast and I kind of think his career probably would have turned out differently if not for injuries.

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive