Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson and the 2013 Age Adjusted All-Pro Team

Image via BMWard_2000/Flickr

Image via BMWard_2000/Flickr

You may have seen the NFL All-Pro team, which was recently announced, but I can promise you that you haven’t seen an All-Pro team like the one you’re about to meet.  If you’ve been keeping up with RotoViz, you know that player age is becoming of increasing interest, but for the most part, that scrutiny has been directed at college players.  For this article I am putting NFL players under the microscope, comparing them both to their peers and their historical age-cohort. What the hell is a historical age-cohort?  Think about it like this:  Peyton Manning played the 2013 season at Age 37.  What if you could compare Peyton Manning’s Age 37 quarterback season to every other 37 year old quarterback season in the history of the NFL, a.k.a. his “age cohort”?  How would he look compared to that group?  (spoiler alert: his 2013 looks amazing compared to anybody).  So, extrapolating that out to all positions I have done the following: 1) Searched every age cohort for every position going back to 1920, isolating on 2013 performances that ranked in the top 10. 2) Narrowed down the list to the most spectacular age-cohort performers by position, creating an alternative, “age adjusted” 2013 All Pro Team. An additional step that I could have taken have taken would be to standardize these performances for the eras in which they occurred.  If any one wants to take on that step, more power to you, but I think this gets the point across. Ladies and Gentlemen, here they are:

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