Introducing the Fantasy Footprint


What is the Fantasy Footprint?

The idea was inspired based by the work of two of the brightest minds in the fantasy football biz, Jon Moore and Shawn Siegele. As I bounced around reading their material and trying to piece together different data from the both of them, I found myself trying to put things together like a puzzle. So I expanded upon their ideas and decided to combine it all. What I developed is the Fantasy Footprint. The Fantasy Footprint is a visual profile based on physical attributes, advanced metrics and predictive data.  I take individual data points from players and chart it on a circular plane called a Radar Graph. These individual data points come together to give us a shape or visual profile I like to call a player’s Fantasy Footprint.
As an example below you can see the Fantasy Footprint for Alshon Jeffery. radar.alshonjeffery

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By Scott Smith | @ScottSmith610 | Archive