What Went Right, What Went Wrong – More Preseason Prediction Accounting

Via estenh

Via estenh

In this article I do something I think this is important for all writers and prognosticators to do: self-evaluation. I reviewed all of my articles for this season and graded my performance. A couple notes: I didn’t include several of my preseason articles that were essentially just “blurbs” passing along some training camp tidbit from a beat writer. (For example, this article speculates about Vernon Davis playing more WR this season. As it turns out, he’s gotten almost the same percentage of targets “wide” this year as last. But that wasn’t my prediction; I was just passing along some information.) I also haven’t included my in-season weekly Observation pieces or my FanDuel Value Exercise pieces; I plan to evaluate those series separately. This article focuses only on my team/player projections. In some places you’ll see two or three articles ranked as one. These are articles that have a lot of overlap or deal with the same player(s), so rather than scoring them separately, I scored them together. Finally, thanks for reading. I hope my misses didn’t hurt as much as my hits helped, and your suggestions and feedback are welcomed in the comments.

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By James Todd | @spidr2ybanana | Archive