High Scoring Rosters – A Standard Scoring Who’s Who

knowshownmoreno As the fantasy regular season winds down, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what players populate winning fantasy rosters (through the end of week 13, when fantasy playoffs typically start). The value here is that we might glean some insight into what strategies produce high scoring (and thus winning) fantasy teams. Secondarily, we’ll see which players have panned out, which has some utility for retrospectively grading preseason fantasy advice about those players. The first format studied is the Fleaflicker World Rankings. This is a 12 team standard scoring format with a thirteen week regular season, 15 roster spots, and 8 starters at the following positions: 1 QB, 1RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1 TM. All teams from any league that uses the default Fleaflicker settings are eligible for ranking. I looked at the top 100 scoring teams (out of 700+ that are officially ranked). These are actively managed teams, with in season trades and waivers, so drafting is only part of the equation. I should note that the season isn’t truly over; none of these teams have won anything yet. In the case of the Fleaflicker teams I studied, however, these are the highest scoring teams in the entire Flea-eligible universe, and all are playoff bound.

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By James Todd | @spidr2ybanana | Archive