Well, with intangibles like that, GET HIM ON MY TEAM. RotoViz went through a phase where we had all the Da’Rick posters and special edition Tiger Beats devoted to him (well, him and Cordarelle Patterson). Is he worth a waiver wire add? Absolutely. There’s opportunity to be had in the Indy offense. Is Rogers the best thing evar? Maybe, maybe not. Read Matt Freedman’s seminal (not a dirty word) article on the topic.



Huh. How ’bout them apples. Over those three games, the Lions’ have surrendered a total of 132 yards rushing  to RBs, on 51 attempts (2.59 YPA).  Something to consider if you’ve got any Detroit-opposing RBs rest of season (Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Philadelphia, Baltimore, NYG).


Speaking of things we’ve covered….a lot. The boss penned a four part takedown of Percy’s Prospects that should put a damper on any enthusiasm you have. On the other hand, Russell Wilson is playing very well, Sidney Rice is gone, and the Vikings don’t really stop anybody: they’ve allowed 8 100 yard receivers in 9 games and rank 29th in pass defense. After the bye, New Orleans and San Francisco are favorable WR matchups. Unless you’re loaded at WR, Harvin probably gets a starting spot in your lineup. Or, if you buy in to the “Harvin is overrated long term” theory (I do), then maybe try to flip him after the Vikings game.

Wait, the Dallas defense isn’t any good? Guess not. On one hand, they rank dead last against the pass, and just gave up 600 yards to a Mark Ingram-featured, mostly Graham-less Saints team. Five teams have thrown for over 390 yards against them. On the other hand, they give up 4.89 yards per rush and over a TD/game to RBs. So, use both hands and start everybody against Dallas. Upcoming schedule? NYG, Oakland, Chicago, Green Bay, Washington.

If you’re one of the 14 people that haven’t given up on LaMichael James, congratulations; he’s finally getting a chance to participate. Granted, it’s as a punt returner, but if he succeeds, he’ll have a better chance of sticking on a roster and eventually playing RB. If not, well, then it’s all done but the crying.


With Cutler out indefinitely, McCown makes an interesting streaming/daily game option. The Buy Low Machine suggests that, rest of season, the Bears have a neutral schedule for TEs and WRs (in which case Jeffery & Marshall are plenty talented enough to play and produce), a very favorable schedule for RBs (#TeamForte), and an exceptionally favorable schedule for QBs (100 is the most favorable):

OFF YTD SOS SOS Weeks 11-16
CHI 55.12 71.50
HOU 41.38 71.50
BUF 42.00 71.00
GB 53.62 69.83
CIN 54.56 68.00
KC 62.33 67.83
TEN 45.00 66.17
NYG 59.62 61.50
PHI 61.44 59.40
BAL 57.62 59.33


Consider the Bears’ fantasy playoffs schedule, starting in week 13: Mininesota, Dallas, Cleveland, Philadelphia. Tasty.



My second “QB Intangibles” reference in as many weeks. I mention this one not because I think it’s a make or break attribute. But it sure can’t hurt. Self confidence and team buy in are good things. Even better? Foles’ production. We’ve had a lot to say about him- favorably- since last season. In a QB heavy dynasty league? get on board before the train leaves the station.



A difficult thing to do lately. Only 7 catches for 88 yards in his past three games. He ranks a respectable 22nd in PPR formats, but he’s far from consistent:



In the final two weeks of the fantasy playoffs (weeks 15 and 16), he gets tough matchups in Tennessee and Seattle. Ugh. Looks like Davis Mattek was right:

In a best case scenario, Fitzgerald will meet his exact draft day value, but in the most likely scenario, he will will drastically fail to meet what you are forced to pay for him…

Sad to say, but probably time to move on from Fitzgerald.

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