Last week I did a Tuesday rundown of the wideout situations for lots of NFL teams. I’m doing the same thing this week. Also, since I’m not entirely omniscient, check out RotoViz’s Buy Low Machine and WR GLSP Projections. Here we go.

Saints WRs

When Marques Colston plays in the slot as often as a TE, and Jimmy Graham splits out as often as a WR . . . I’ll let you finish  that thought for me. Colston may have been one of your favorite draft targets, but right now he’s costing you victories. If you can trade him to someone who thinks he’s a top-15 WR, you should do it. Nick Toon? Kenny Stills? Robert Meachem? Lance Moore? No wonder Drew Brees just threw 2 TD passes to Pierre Thomas.

Bears WRs

As I said last week, if you have Brandon Marshall, you’re starting him, but you should expect WR2 (not high-end WR1) production. Alshon Jeffery? OK, now I’m buying it. He could be the head of the 2012 WR class.

Bills WRs

If Steve Johnson was a buy-low candidate last week, what is he this week? Stevie’s a stalwart. He has his own all-stars. In Weeks 1-3, he was a top-20 WR. He might not save your season, but he’s excellent depth. E.J. Manuel’s injury hurts Stevie’s situation, but he’s still a starter when healthy. Robert Woods? RotoViz doesn’t really like him.

Patriots WRs

If you ultimately have faith in Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the 2013 Patriots, now—right now!—is the time to go all in. The price to get pieces of this passing attack is likely at its bottom. Buy low on Kenbrell Thompkins. He’s playing like 2010 Deion Branch in the BOL Function, and by the end of the season he could be a solid WR2/3. If you want, also buy low on Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. Since 2002, Brady has been a QB1 each season except the injury-aborted 2008 campaign. 2013 may be the year his streak ends—but it may also be the year he finishes hot.

And now back by “popular demand” . . .

Bengals WRs

Who would you rather have right now? A.J. Green or Josh Gordon?

Browns WRs

Who would you rather have right now? Josh Gordon or A.J. Green? Gordon’s a dynasty building block—and we told you to draft him. Repeatedly. If you can get him in a reasonable trade, do it. Ten weeks from now, you’ll be the winner.

Lions WRs

Q: Which came first?—the chicken or the egg?
A: Calvin Johnson. I also would’ve accepted as correct “not Matt Stafford.”

Packers WRs

Joey: “What’s not to like? Nelson, good. Jones, good. Cobb, good.” Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Chiefs WRs

What was the last 5-0 team to have a WR corps this uninspiring? I’m legitimately asking. Go to PFR and find an answer for me. If you do, I’ll (not) give you a free gift. I’m not sure yet what it will be. Maybe a life.

[Alternate version] Dwayne Bowe, Dexter McCluster, and Donnie Avery. They start for the Chiefs, but they don’t start for your team, right?

Titans WRs

It worked once; it may work again: Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, and Damian Williams. They play for the Titans, but they don’t actually play for your team, right? I said this last week about Washington: “He’s a WR4/5 with WR2 upside. The week you start him he’ll suck.” Hopefully you didn’t start him in Week 5.

Seahawks WRs

The hat trick? Why not! Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin , and Jermaine Kearse catch passes (sometimes) for the Seahawks. But they don’t actually catch passes for your team, right?

[Loud applause.] [Bowing.] [Curtain.]

Colts WRs

Just so we’re clear on this: Scaryius Wayward-No Way is not a fantasy option. Now that that’s out of the way! I love T.Y. Hilton. A lot. He’s inconsistent, but at the end of the year he could very well be a top-30 WR once again. If you have him, you’re not starting him (yet), but you’re not trading him either. Reggie Wayne? If you have him, you start him, and at the end of the season you have a top-20 WR. If you overthink Wayne, you’re really not thinking.

Rams WRs

Tavon Austin Pettis. Now that’s a player I’d start. But Tavon Austin or Austin Pettis on their own? Not yet. If I had to pick one to ride for the rest of 2013, that’d be Pettis. Maybe we should’ve seen his dominance coming.

Ravens WRs

Torrey Smith is becoming more beastly every week. He was a RotoViz draft target for a reason. He probably won’t get 1800 receiving yards—but he’s also not going to get only 3 TDs.

Dolphins WRs

Brandon Gibson, Brian Hartline, and Mike Wallace? Better your team than mine.

Eagles WRs

Last week I said this: “Trust DeSean Jackson, especially as a WR2/3, which is probably where you drafted him. If you want to trade him, fine, but wait till he has a big week.” 1) You’re welcome. 2) If you want to trade him, now you can do so. 3) I wouldn’t trade him. 4) Do the Eagles have any other WRs? Seriously, I vant to know. Get it? I vant? Avant? Jason Avant? Uh.

Giants WRs

Just checking in to make sure that in Week 5 you started Victor Cruz, benched Hakeem Nicks, and dropped Rueben Randle, just as we talked about last week. You did? Great! So I’m not the only moron.

Panthers WRs

What if (gulp) Ted Ginn Jr. and Steve Smith (gulp) switched faces??? If Ginn finishes 2013 as the best fantasy WR on the Panthers, the world will explode and Cam Newton will cease to exist. Save one life; save the world entire. Boycott Ginn. [Insert prohibition joke here.]

Cardinals WRs

I’ll say it again: The difference between Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd is 3 TDs, and a more even TD distribution could exist from here on out. If you don’t have faith in Fitz, trading him for Floyd and another piece may be an option.

Broncos WRs

Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker are fantasy starters. I will, however, gently restate what I said a month ago. In dynasty leagues, if you can trade Welker for Decker, do it.

Cowboys WRs

Dez Bryant is a top-3 WR. If you can swing a trade with someone who doesn’t value him like that, do it. Terrance Williams, for one week, you weren’t Tony Romo’s bane. Hat tip.

Texans WRs

Andre Johnson doesn’t care that you think he’s old. Regardless, he’s getting old.

49ers WRs

I don’t think Anquan Boldin cares either that you think he’d old. But he’s even older than Dre. Q’s old. These two guys won’t suck each week, but as Week 5 showed, you should think of them as starters but not WR1s. They’re not.

Chargers WRs

If you care enough about the SD passing attack to look at these WRs, maybe you should just invest in Philip Rivers instead. His (predicted) resurgence is made all the more incredible by the patchwork group of WRs foisted upon him. Out of Keenan Allen, Vincent Brown, and Eddie Royal, the rookie is my favorite by a longshot, but that speaks mainly to my dislike of Brown and Royal. Buyer beware.

Raiders WRs

As I said last week, “Moore may be a top-30 WR by season’s end, and he may be a fantasy starter—but not on my team.” Rod Streater? Only in the deepest of 32-team leagues.

Jets WRs

I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.

[Alternate version] No comprendo la pregunta.

Falcons WRs

Julio Jones: Beast. Roddy White: Trap.

Jaguars WRs

Remember when you dared to take Justin Blackmon as your WR7 in the 12th round of your 10-team redraft league? And everyone laughed and thought you were crazy, especially since you drafted Gronk in the 5th, Gordon in the 8th, Thompkins in the 10th, and Vick in the 11th? And now league mates are looking at a starting lineup that goes something like this: QB: Vick/Rivers. RBs: Forte, Lacy. WRs: Dez, Jordy, Gordon. TE: Gronk/Julius. Flex: Blackmon/Nicks/Stevie/Hill. You don’t remember that? I do. Justin Blackmon, in Week 5 you made a lot of good teams great. Just like s*x, you were worth the wait. P.S. Cecil Shorts, you also get the job done. You’ve lived up to your undervalued billing. Teddy’s gonna love you both next year.

Interested in RBs? Here’s my Week 5 RB Report.

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The 2008 Tennessee Titans did not have very good WRs yet went 13-3. They began 10-0 to start the season. Kerry Collins played QB; Justin Gage and Justin McCareins as the top two WRs. No receiver went over 1,000 or caught more than 6 TDs. Collins did not eclipse 200 yards passing until week 10.

That might be the worst 13-3 fantasy team ever. Chris Johnson and LenDale White both had good seasons, but there were no other fantasy relevant players.


Colston has been killing me. At some point, wouldn't defenses have to start rolling coverage to Graham? 


2006 Bears were also less than stellar, but not as poor as the Chiefs or Titans.


@chillermonster Brees is still throwing to Graham even when he's triple covered, because Jimmy can jump. For me, the question is whether Colston is a buy-low candidate. If you already have him, I think you bench and hold, because you might not get much of value in return. He'll probably turn it around at some point, but it's painful. 

Colston is no longer the secret WR1 of previous years. He's the secret WR3.


@tdensen Nice going! Thanks for reading and responding. Sorry I took a while to respond; I missed your post somehow. I think you are absolutely right. I remember that I actually had Gage on my team that year. As bad as he was, he was decent on a per game basis (he played in only 11 games that year), and so he was a WR3 when healthy. He played in 3 of the first 5 games and had 9 or more pts twice. I prefer Bowe, but Gage was just as good during the opening 5-0 run. 

And I think your exercise really hammers it home. This team spreads the ball around and relies on its RB for a heavy running game and a large chunk of the passing game. These Chiefs WRs are fantasy nightmares.