Why can’t James Jones score more TDs this year?

jamesjones A common refrain we’ve been hearing out of Green Bay is that James Jones won’t be able to catch 14 touchdowns again. He has to come back down to earth, because touchdowns are unsustainable and he’s never caught 14 before. The conclusion that he will catch fewer touchdowns this year is all but unchallenged in fantasy circles; the compromise that most are reaching is that he’s likely to see a modest uptick in receptions and yardage, but not enough to recover from all those touchdowns that he’s not going to catch this year. I’m here to challenge that assumption. James Jones is an excellent bet to continue cashing in at the bank of Aaron Rodgers, and he can easily get to double-digits in touchdowns again. Let me tell you why:

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By Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | @wsky_tango_fxt | Archive

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