Tuesday’s Waiver Wire Update


Be sure to check out Monday’s waiver wire report for a more comprehensive discussion of this week’s wire. Today I’ll just offer an update based on the results of the Monday night games and also some injury news that’s leaked out today.

First, from the Monday night games the biggest names to talk about are probably Leonard Hankerson, Jordan Reed, Eddie Royal and Ronnie Brown.

  • We’ve been fans of Hankerson for awhile so it’s nice to see him produce in a game. But at this point Hankerson is still essentially a part time player in Washington. He may have played a lot last night but they were also down and forced to throw. For now it just seems like Hank fits in with that group of guys that are essentially WR3s on their own team and that you would have a tough time starting. I believe in his talent but WAS still plays Josh Morgan in front of him while Pierre Garcon will always get the targets.
  • Jordan Reed was essentially co-TE1 for the Redskins along with Fred Davis. I don’t know that he’s valuable on his own but we at least know he’s likely to kill Fred Davis’ value.
  • Eddie Royal’s production was very TD heavy and while TDs are fluky, Royal’s targets were worth about 10 Expected Points last night. Would I pick him up? Not at this point. I think I’d probably wait to see if he can repeat that performance. Only in the deepest of WR heavy leagues would I add Royal.
  • Ronnie Brown was pretty much on the field for about 2/3 of the game last night. It was pretty disappointing to see if you’re a Ryan Mathews owner (I am). But Brown only touched the ball 7 times to Mathews 15 touches. Brown might actually kill Danny Woodhead’s value more than Mathews’ value. Actually scratch that. All three guys are killing each others’ value.

The the last thing to discuss is the news that’s come out of NE that Danny Amendola probably won’t play week 2. First, you can probably take the news with a grain of salt given the fact that NE almost never gives clear injury information. But if it is true then Julian Edelman would be a great play in PPR leagues this week. The amount you bid on him is probably dependent on who else you would start this week without Edelman. Amendola has a groin injury and it’s difficult to know when he’ll come back. When Amendola isn’t playing I think Edelman could be a legit WR1 in PPR leagues. Even when Amendola is back Edelman could still have value. You may need to bid 25% or more to pick him up.

Update: It looks like the Giants have signed Brandon Jacobs. That is going to be a real test for David Wilson owners and whether the knee jerk reaction to pick up Jacobs will be the right one. Given that Jacobs hasn’t looked very good in a few years he’s probably just insurance if you are a Wilson owner.

Update: It sounds like Shane Vereen is going to be out until week 10 after the Pats put him on IR with a designation for return. Brandon Bolden may indeed be the pickup except that it’s tough to imagine the Pats moving him around like they did with Vereen. If they don’t actively look for ways to get him the ball then he’s just another timeshare RB. I guess I have a tough time getting excited for that.

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