On David Wilson’s Fumbling Problems


I own David Wilson in a few leagues so no one is hoping more than me that he turns things around on the fumble front. We knew about Wilson’s fumble risk when we drafted him so we have a Hyman Roth level of responsibility here (“this is the player we’ve chosen”). Wilson’s fumble risk is probably specific to him as a player, but it might also be general for the kind of player that Wilson is.

I looked on Pro-football-reference and CJ Spiller fumbled 5 times in his first season. That’s 5 times on 74 carries. It’s a lot. Over Jamaal Charles’ first 250 carries as a pro he fumbled once every 40 carries. That’s also a good amount although not as much as Spiller. Right now David Wilson’s fumble rate is higher than Charles and not as high as Spiller (over Wilson’s carries as a pro).

I don’t know if Wilson will be able to fix his fumbling but I do know that both Spiller and Charles only played when their teams had no other choice. That was at least the case early in their careers. Up until last week it looked like the Giants were in “no other choice” land. But Da’Rel Scott is also a fast player and looked serviceable, while Brandon Jacobs also presents competition (although it may be worth noting that in Jacobs’ breakout year in 2007 he fumbled once every 40 carries).

The shitty thing for me is that in the leagues that I have Wilson I also lost Vereen this week, so my deep team got thin really fast. But hopefully you have some other decent options to play until we can sort out whether David Wilson is going to go to the bench only to be heard from next pre-season.

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