The Rotoviz Fanium Fantasy Football Strategy Guide

graham For the uninitiated, Fanium Fantasy Football is a new app available on the iTunes and Google Play store. The app allows users to join both public and private leagues to participate in 8 team drafts. The format is interesting, as it requires 2 starting quarterbacks, 2 running backs, 4 wide receivers and 2 tight ends. They got it right by not including kickers or team defenses in their starting lineups. The scoring is as follows 20 passing yards = 1 point 5 rushing yards = 1 point 5 receiving yards = 1 point Touchdown (Pass, Rush, Receiving, Return)= 7 points Two Point Conversion = 2 points Interception = -3 points Fumble = -3 points Reception = 1 point For more info, check out their website.

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By Davis Mattek | @davismattek | Archive

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