The DeMarco Debacle


Via FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | 2013 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Overrated.

As detailed in Football Outsiders Almanac 2013, Murray has had a litany of injuries going back to his college career at Oklahoma. Last season a sprained foot kept him out of six games. His health risk is very high, which does not help when the offensive line is such a work in progress. Dallas has not had a solid rushing attack in several years, which is partially why Tony Romo has thrown for 9,087 yards since 2011. When you have a budding superstar in Dez Bryant, a future Hall of Fame tight end in Jason WittenMiles Austin, and some other weapons, why would you not keep throwing? Murray’s not a significant part of the Dallas offense.

As a fan of the Cowboys, I know all the ups and downs with DeMarco Murray. As mentioned in Scott Kacsmar’s Football Outsiders article, Murray definitely comes with injury risks. Furthermore, he plays on a pass happy team and the offensive line still has many questions to answer. But I really like the perspective taken on Murray in this RotoViz article on Bill Callahan’s offense. When it comes to drafting Murray, you should draft based on what he is, not so much on what he has done. He’s relatively young, and has close to zero competition in his backfield. In addition, Shawn Siegele states that Murray is a stealth star and the key to a RB/RB/RB draft strategy in 2013 to your fantasy success. And though he has had injuries in the past, check out this arbitrage comparison between Murray and Lesean McCoy. Be sure to keep Murray on your radar if you’re using a RB heavy strategy this year, and make sure to check out his full projections using the RotoViz RB Similarity Score App.

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