Mike Wallace’s ADP Drop is Making Him a Value


It’s always important to keep your mind open to the idea that guys that you didn’t like before could eventually get cheap enough that they become values. Mike Wallace might be getting there. I usually don’t like to pay very much for small/speed receivers because their results tend to be pretty volatile on a year to year basis. But Mike Wallace is now sitting at WR25, which means he could be your third WR if you ignore QB and TE in the early rounds.

Here’s Wallace’s ADP over the past two months:


That 6th round ADP realistically means that you could go RB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR and end up with Wallace as that third WR. I won’t spend a bunch of time laying out the case for Wallace because I think everybody intuitively understands it. He’s the best WR on his team and he has the potential to score on long plays. When a receiver is expensive I think it’s the wrong move to draft them when they require long plays to score. But when they’re cheap you’re getting the right price to take them.

Wallace’s name actually popped into lineups while I was messing around with the Snake Draft app and that’s what sent me to FF Calculator to investigate. I’m sure a long touchdown during the preseason will wipe out that drop in ADP, so in this case if you like Wallace you’re in the odd position of hoping he plays poorly (or rarely) during the preseason.

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