Geno Smith, E.J. Manuel, and Projecting Rookie Quarterbacks

genosmith What is it with rookie quarterbacks these days? I mean, seems like it wasn’t that long ago when they were destined to be nothing more than first-string clipboard holders in their debut NFL season. Now, things are different. More appropriately put—expedited. You know how it goes. Rookie quarterbacks, especially those taken in the first few rounds, are rarely, if ever automatically relegated to the bench in their inaugural campaigns anymore. Personally, I think this phenomenon is due to the collegiate game preparing quarterbacks for the professional game better than ever before. The two games have become so similar. Also, and probably more importantly, thanks to the exceedingly impatient society we live in, coaches have been forced to simmer their egos and tailor their systems to the strengths and familiarities of their highly drafted signal-callers. (About time.) We’re fresh off, arguably, the finest rookie quarterback season in history. Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson were incredible. Heck, by old-school standards, Ryan Tannehill wasn’t that bad. So, what does this all mean from a fantasy perspective?

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