10 Random Observations From Last Night’s Preseason Games


-This Shane Vereen thing? Yeah, it’s happening. He was targeted on the 3rd play from scrimmage and converted a first down and spent the rest of the game being used as a wide receiver and running back, finishing with an equally divided 8 touches.

Danny Amendola is exactly the guy we thought he would be, which is pretty crazy, considering how often Belichick likes to generally screw with the football populace. In fact, the Vereen as a sleeper, Amendola as Welker, Sudfeld as Baby Gronk prediction stuff is all looking scarily true.

-Mine and Jon Moore’s favorite Nick Toon had a very sexy 54 yard reception from Drew Brees, but it was Kenny Stills who looked like he had the best chemistry with Brees. Stills’ highlight came on a 16 yard touchdown that was a result of about 15 seconds of pocket time for Brees and some beautiful playground football.

Mark Ingram got a short touchdown and even had a screen pass called especially for him. As our Bryan Fontaine noted, Ingram was significantly better in the 2nd half of last season and for the first time, the Saints coaches seem committed to actually using Ingram in the flow of the offense. I’m not sure if I’m buying it, but it’s worth monitoring.

-I’m trying to find something to like about the Raiders offense. I guess the harder and more often Darren McFadden gets hit, the more likely it is that we see Rotoviz favorite Latavius Murray? Both Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor were awful and the offensive line was worse.

Kyle Rudolph may finally get used between the 20’s. He had 3 receptions working with the ones including a particularly athletic catch and run on 3rd down. Jacob Myers thinks that there isn’t any upside priced into Rudolph’s ADP and he’s probably right.

-Through 2 preseason games, the Bills have run 163 plays. I would wager that number would be higher if Kevin Kolb hadn’t been so Kevin Kolb-y. Manuel was an impressive 10 for 12 including a nice TD toss to Brad Smith. The subject of Matt Freedman’s extensive preseason WR analysis, Marcus Easley, had another very solid showing with 3 catches for 46 yards. Given Marquis Goodwin and The Hilarity Of Scouting, I’m paying attention to Easley.

-Pay very close attention to the Doug Martin situation. Early in the first quarter, Martin left the game after getting a helmet to the knee. No more information has come from the Bucs, other than that Martin didn’t suffer a head injury. Mike James came in after Martin went to the locker room and immediately ripped off several impressive runs, averaging 5.4 yards per carry over 15 rushes.

-Knile Davis is the Jamaal Charles handcuff. No Shaughn Draughn, no Cyrus Gray. Davis accrued 68 yards on 13 touches against the suffocating defense of the Niners. As far as handcuffs go, I’m moving Davis up my ranks. Backs with his Speed Score don’t come around often, and Matt Freedman loves him.

-Gotta give credit on this one to our friend Ryan Forbes from 2Mugs


Tight ends have traditionally been used in the redzone in Andy Reid‘s offense and given the utter failure that has been the Jon Baldwin experiment, I’m not ruling out Fasano being the #3 receiving option in this offense, behind Jamaal Charles and ahead of Donnie Avery.

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