Overvalued/Undervalued – Fixing Some Broken Tight End ADPs


In this series, I’ll take a position by position look at players whose ADP is broken: they’re being drafted too high based on our projections. I’ll highlight some of our existing analysis of the players, and offer a new tidbit. Then I’ll offer some better, cheaper alternatives. Throughout, I’ll be assuming a 12 team league using PPR scoring.

Today’s installment: Tight Ends. It seems like TE is a pretty deep position, so we ought to be able to get a good one in the mid to latter part of the draft. But not just any TE. We still want to get the maximum bang for our draft pick buck. To do that, you’ll need to avoid these three TEs, and target one of these better, later round options.

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By James Todd | @spidr2ybanana | Archive