Mike Wallace vs. Torrey Smith: Who Ya Got?


I was going through the new receiver stat finder when I decided to throw Mike Wallace and Torrey Smith’s names in for comparison purposes. The table below includes all of their respective games for 2011 and 2012.

2011-2012 Receiving Stats

Name G TRGs T/G Y/G TD/G Y/R Y/T TD%
Mike Wallace 32 243 7.60 64.20 0.50 14.80 8.50 0.07
Torrey Smith 37 239 6.50 55.20 0.49 17.90 8.50 0.08

You can see that Smith is close to Wallace in total targets because the Ravens’ playoff games are included. But in terms of yards/target, the two receivers are neck and neck. Remember also that Smith was a rookie and a 2nd year player over that period while Mike Wallace was 25 and 26 years old. Wallace was targeted more per game, but the two were basically equal on the rate stats.

That’s interesting to me because while Wallace is going to a new team, he’s still just likely to be his team’s primary receiver, which he essentially was in PIT as well. But Torrey Smith actually probably is in store for more usage.

Here’s something else that’s interesting from the receiver stat finder:

Red Zone Receiving Stats

Name TRGs TD%
Torrey Smith 23 0.35
Mike Wallace 30 0.2

In the red zone Torrey Smith has been considerably better than Wallace. Wallace’s red zone numbers are not the numbers of a true #1WR. One of my concerns with Mike Wallace going back to last year is that he does require his speed to get open and there just aren’t a lot of good examples of speed receivers aging gracefully. Steve Smith is probably the best example of a receiver that is an exception to that rule.

Mike Wallace and Torrey Smith are currently coming off of draft boards at WR20 and WR21 respectively. I know that Wallace is going to a new team that paid a lot to get him, but Torrey Smith is likely to see more usage as well and Smith actually does have true #1 WR TD rates in the end zone. Smith’s team probably provided just as big of an endorsement for his abilities when they traded Anquan Boldin for nothing, just to get rid of his salary.

I’m not sure how much I’ll own either guy this year, but if I had to pick one, it would be Torrey Smith.

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