Colin Kaepernick, Tony Romo, and 12 Other QBs to Build Your Strategy Around

Colin Kaepernick Photo courtesy of Football Schedule You’re going to roster a very limited number of quarterbacks compared to the other fantasy positions, but that doesn’t mean your entire strategy doesn’t revolve around the position. Not reaching at quarterback is what will occasionally allow you to reach at other positions. Unlike the Fantasy Douche, I usually have a fairly select group of runners and receivers I’m willing to target. That sometimes means grabbing a guy a round early. But that never extends to QB. Unlike the other positions, your opponents can’t touch you at quarterback. There are simply too many and you get one of every 12 picks. When I say there are 14 quarterbacks you should build your strategy around, it means you must vet every single guy even though you probably only want two, three at most. Whenever your leaguemates leave QB value on the board, you’ll be ready to pounce.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive