C.J Spiller is… Undervalued?


From the Buffalo Bills official team website:
Nathaniel Hackett’s offense is going to be operating at warp speed. Provided the team makes first downs and holds onto the ball Buffalo’s plays per game is going to take a sizable jump up. Last year Buffalo ranked 28th in the league averaging 61.4 plays per game. New England led the league with a mark of 74.3. At Syracuse Hackett’s offense averaged 79.1 and in college it should be noted there are more clock stoppages on out of bounds plays… …Spiller could arguably touch the ball 30 times a game if the offense is operating efficiently…At Syracuse they ran about 41 run plays per game, so there should be enough plays for the ball to be shared effectively.

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By Davis Mattek | @davismattek | Archive

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