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Our goal at RotoViz really is to give you the tools you need to win your league so you can tell all your smart mouth friends that they can kiss your ass. That’s what this is all about right? Proving we’re better than the people we love.

Well I’m glad we agree on that part. Today I wanted to give you a heads up on an app that isn’t really useful yet, but will be extremely useful when the season rolls around. I’m calling it The Buy Low Machine. The app lets you call out a portion of the schedule that you want to look at and then it tells you which players are likely to over-perform their season averages. It will also tell you which players are likely to under-perform their season averages. I’ve used a private version of this app and last year I used it to acquire Cam Newton before he went on his tear. If you draft well and then make one move like that per season, you’re going to be a real pain in the ass for your league-mates.

Don’t go crazy drawing conclusions from the data right now as this is just proof of concept. I generated these projections using a super-lazy forecasting system that I don’t have any trust in. Once the season starts we’ll have a fully functioning (and more accurate) version of the app up for all positions. It will be more accurate because it will draw from the actual current season instead of the prior year. You’ll also be able to select standard or PPR scoring.

I just wanted to give you an early peek.

(Update: Maybe I should have said this is beta. I think the server is having a tough time rendering the graphs with the traffic coming through. We’ll get this ironed out.)

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