Reggie Bush Will Be the 2013 Fantasy MVP Runner-Up!, Part 1

7998494569_cb2c63dceb_b Perhaps the real title to this article should be “Why I Chose Reggie Bush over LeSean McCoy in the RotoViz Dynasty Veteran Draft.” I don’t actually think that Reggie Bush will be the second most valuable fantasy player in 2013, but since my last RDL article on Steven Jackson had a similar title, I thought I’d roll with it. On June 1, the guys at RotoViz launched the startup veteran draft for the RotoViz Dynasty League (RDL), a venture of which we’re already proud. (And, as an aside, I am happy to say that I, as commissioner and a player, have found FleaFlicker to be an excellent hosting site for our league, which you can follow here.) In an admitted instance of douchebaggery, one of my previous articles detailed the strategies I used in the RDL veteran draft: trading down to acquire more “starter quality” picks; drafting players with depressed values; and targeting older players who are likely to outperform their draft positions in 2013. One of the most “dangerous” components of my decision to trade down was the bypassing of LeSean McCoy as my RB2 at the 1.14/2.1 turn. In general, I’m a big fan of McCoy. In my main dynasty league I selected McCoy in 2009 with the #1 overall pick in our first rookie draft (since I decided he was the one rookie I could not live without), and that team has been my favorite to own since that time. McCoy’s been on many of my teams in the past 4 years, and I’ve generally been successful, so I’ve formed a strong emotional connection to McCoy—and I’m a Cowboys fan. Passing on McCoy, in a highly competitive dynasty startup draft, especially when I never imagined that he would fall to my pick in the first place, was one of the hardest fantasy decisions I’ve ever made. I agonized about it for hours, to the chagrin of my league mates. But ultimately I decided that my team would be better served if I traded down because of the RBs I expected to be available later in the draft. Specifically, I had Reggie Bush in mind, and while I think McCoy provides great value at the turn of Rounds 1 and 2 I also think that Reggie Bush—selected at the turn of Rounds 3 and 4—provides immense (and perhaps more) value as my RB2. In this piece, I wish to show why I think the latter (available much later in the draft) is a reasonable substitute for the former. At the end of 2013, I wouldn’t be surprised if some considered Reggie Bush to be the season’s fantasy MVP.

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By Matthew Freedman | @MattFtheOracle | Archive