Peyton Manning to Demaryius Thomas and the NFL’s most explosive QB-WR combos

Image via Football Schedule/Flickr

Image via Football Schedule/Flickr

In case you missed it, RotoViz released another mindblowing app today.  The first question that popped into my mind when I used it was “Which QB-WR combinations are the most explosive?”  The envelope, please…

(Based on career stats)

QB Pass Catcher Targets AYA
Ben Roethlisberger Plaxico Burress 58 13.4
Russell Wilson Golden Tate 64 12.05
Peyton Manning Demaryius Thomas 141 11.62
Robert Griffin III Pierre Garcon 53 11.47
Robert Griffin III Santana Moss 52 11.08
Michael Vick Desean Jackson 236 10.35
Colin Kaepernick Michael Crabtree 69 10.33
Aaron Rodgers Jordy Nelson 132 10.31
Matt Ryan Julio Jones 219 10.23
Tony Romo Dez Bryant 262 10.22
Philip Rivers Malcom Floyd 384 9.83
Peyton Manning Eric Decker 121 9.77
Tony Romo Miles Austin 382 9.69
Andrew Luck TY Hilton 90 9.62
Eli Manning Victor Cruz 275 9.5
Drew Brees Marques Colson 813 9.49
Russell Wilson Sidney Rice 79 9.33
Robert Griffin III Leonard Hankerson 53 9.28
Aaron Rodgers James Jones 215 9.26
Joe Flacco Torrey Smith 205 9.19
Matt Stafford Calvin Johnson 471 9.01

(For guys like RG3, Luck, Kaepernick, etc. I acknowledge that their sample sizes are small, but at the risk of overlooking some emerging trends, we left them in there. Also remember that the AYA belongs to BOTH QB AND Receiver. The QB must target the Receiver; the Receiver must do something productive with the target.)

You already know about Demaryius Thomas as a dynasty building block, but could he be the best WR in the game in 2013?  He’ll probably do too much sharing with Welker and Decker to be fantasy’s #1 WR, but those guys will probably also help make DT even more efficient on a per target basis, which is downright terrifying.

Receivers playing with RG3 appear three times in the top 21.  I think that says a lot about the scheme they have installed in Washington.  You probably want some shares of the Redskins passing game this year and Leonard Hankerson or Aldrick Robinson are low-cost options worth circling on your draft board.

You might not think that Nick Foles can actually win the job in Philly, but I do.  If that happens, DeSean Jackson goes from one of the biggest playmakers in the game to someone who seemed to have no chemistry with Foles in 2012.  Tread carefully.

Like RG3, Aaron Rodgers appears multiple times on this list and everybody knows that you want shares of the Packers passing game.  That said, Jordy Nelson seems to be pretty undervalued this offseason coming off the board around WR15.  He was a top 3WR in 2011 and struggled through injuries last season.  When he’s on the field, he and Rodgers produce, and that’s why I drafted him (and Rodgers) in the RotoViz Dynasty League.

TY Hilton and Andrew Luck have the hookup.  TY Hilton had a pretty rare rookie season. TY Hilton is not losing snaps to Donnie Avery this year (and, no, we’re not worried about DHB).  On the 2Mugs podcast I picked TY as my top breakout WR sleeper of 2013 and this gives me no reason to change course.

Sidney Rice was really young when he entered the league and has already posted a top 10 fantasy season.  He and Russell Wilson were pretty effective when on the field together last year and, considering his WR40 price tag, he might make a nice WR to draft in RD11+.

Interestingly, Victor Cruz’s AYA of 9.5 is much better than Hakeem Nicks 8.02 career mark with Eli Manning.  So, if you’re the New York Giants, who do you resign?  It’s probably not that simple considering Nicks is younger and the organization has more invested in him.  Also, with all due respect to Cruz, there are probably a lot of guys who would succeed with Eli, while being sandwiched between Nicks and emerging star Rueben Randle.

Torrey Smith and Joe Flacco clearly have a connection.  The Ravens also have a dearth at WR which leads me to believe that Flacco could lean heavily on Smith.  That said, it might be time to get BACK on the Torrey Smith hype train, as he is being drafted at WR20+ and has WR10 upside.

So, who do you think will be the most explosive QB-WR connection in 2013?

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