Fantasy Football Philosophy: Why Opposing Opinions Are a Great Thing for Owners

Josh Gordon

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome.”

 – Arthur Ashe

Editor’s Note: This article was published before news of Gordon’s suspension broke this afternoon. The author thinks this makes for an excellent opportunity to acquire Gordon at a discount.

My man Bryan Fontaine selected Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon in the third round of the ongoing rotoViz dynasty draft. Is that too high for Gordon? I don’t believe so, and I think most writers here would agree with me. We all pretty much get an erection every time Gordon’s name is mentioned; we think you should target Gordon, we love his comps, and we definitely think he’s the prettiest girl at the bar. I’ve personally gotten into two very legitimate heated arguments this year—one with my best friend and one with my own father—because they questioned my ranking of Gordon as a top 15 wide receiver.

But guess what? You don’t have to like Gordon. Nor should you automatically assume he’s valuable because a few of us do. That’s the beauty of rotoViz; it’s a forum for intelligent debate—perhaps the most vital tool in the arsenal of an advanced fantasy football owner. We’re like Enterprise Rent-a-Car; we give you the tools you need to become your own boss. That’s most obviously reflected in the rotoViz apps, which allow you to visualize data and draw your own conclusions.

I write for a lot of sites, both real and fake football related. Some try to propose a unified image to readers; there are no disagreements, no debates. Meanwhile, I’m refreshing rotoViz as I write this article and see a “rap battle” between Shawn Siegele and Jon Krouner debating whether or not Marshawn Lynch is a strong sell or a strong buy. We’re one site, one group of writers, presenting multiple opinions on each side of an argument.

I bring this up because I think fantasy football analysis is less about the end result and more about the process. And the process that’s most likely to lead to positive results isn’t one through which we all agree on players, but instead one that involves healthy debates and intelligent analysis.

In many ways, such a process is evolutionary. Survival of the fittest is made possible because of variance within a gene pool. If there’s no variance, there can be no evolution. There can be no progress. While I’m not saying fantasy football is on par with evolution in terms of human significance (fantasy football is actually more important), the idea is the same; we can’t make progress without a diversity of viewpoints.

I remember a couple weeks back Fantasy Douche said something to the tune of “Bad stats are better than no stats because bad stats can be improved upon. They can be made into good stats.” That concept is central to rotoViz. This is a site of varying opinions. A site with diversity, forward thinking, bizarre but well-reasoned theories. A site that shows instead of tells. A site that is always changing.

And it will help you evolve into a more fit fantasy football owner. But don’t take my word for it. Hit the Subscribe button and find out for yourself.

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By Jonathan Bales | @BalesFootball | Archive

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