Dynasty Building Blocks: Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon So you may have heard that the RotoViz Dynasty League kicked off this week. I’m typically fairly selective these days in which new leagues I join, but this was an offer I couldn’t pass up. For those interested, here are the specifics of the league including the rules, scoring system and participants. The writers participating in the league are tremendous, and the early going hasn’t been a walk in the park. Having 14 teams has added another layer of strategy because the elite players become scarcer and the rookie draft won’t occur until after the veteran portion of the draft is completed. The RotoViz motto of finding value has been paramount in the startup draft. Often times when you join a league that has owners with similar evaluation philosophies, getting an edge becomes more difficult. There haven’t been many players that have “fallen” further than they should have. Then the discussion turns to finding players that the market is undervaluing but have the potential to exceed expectations. The one player I knew I had earmarked for one of my early draft selections was wide receiver Josh Gordon of the Browns.

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By Bryan Fontaine | @bryan_fontaine | Archive