All Kinds of Arbitrage: How I Stole the 2013 RotoViz Dynasty League Draft

chart Photo by Ken Teegardin On June 1, the guys at RotoViz launched the startup veteran draft for the RotoViz Dynasty League (RDL), a venture of which we’re already proud. I’m sure you know these fantasy football platitudes:
  • “Championships are won in the season, not in the draft.”
  • “The draft is won in the middle rounds, not the first few rounds.”
  • “You can’t win a draft in the first few rounds, but you sure can lose it there.”
With these fantasy nothings in mind, I walked away from the veteran draft of the RDL with this thought: “Because I traded down, avoided the first two rounds, and loaded up on middle-round draft picks, my Riggins Rigs squad STOLE the draft.”

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By Matthew Freedman | @MattFtheOracle | Archive