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I’m going to be looking at the fantasy repercussions of the 2013 Draft and giving out a few grades and rankings. The grades mostly focus on fantasy-relevant positions, but I’ll also be examining overall positional value and strategy. It goes without saying that there’s an informational gap between what the teams have at their disposal and what I have. On the other hand, the great thing about being an outsider is that the informational gap often runs the other direction as well.

No. 2 Pittsburgh Steelers Grade: A+

The plaudits for recent Steelers drafts have been overstated, but the 2013 version should get them right back on track. No. 17 overall pick Jarvis Jones may have been the no-brainer selection of the whole draft.

Le’Veon Bell was the focal point of my piece explaining the Agility Score concept and how it has helped to pick out players like Ahmad Bradshaw and Ray Rice. There’s no question Bell is underwhelming on tape – he just looks slow – and his 4.6 forty seemed to confirm that. However, his comps include players like Doug Martin and Stevan Ridley, both players who play faster than their times. (Martin received a fair amount of hype leading up to the 2012 Draft, but the truth is that he doesn’t really flash on his senior year tape at Boise.)  I’ve been arguing that Bell was a better prospect than overhyped players like Eddie Lacy, and it was exciting to see an NFL front office agree with the analytics for once.

Markus Wheaton is probably a little overrated in the media. (It’s hard to see how a player with a 92 HaSS is constantly mentioned as a physical comp with Mike Wallace, a guy with an elite 116. There’s a world of difference between a 4.28 and a 4.45.)  But Wheaton fell to the point of good value and may be a better player than the man he’s replacing if not necessarily a similar athlete.

The staff at RotoViz also believes Landry Jones is blatantly underrated. He’s pro-ready, much better under pressure than his reputation, and sports a great LCF. He’s a great fit behind the oft-injured Big Ben and makes a sneaky dynasty stash.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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