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We’re down to the last six. Three high grades and three low. Follow along today as we reveal No. 24, No. 26, and No. 30. With the Patriots, 49ers, Saints, Lions, Bucs, and Vikings left, at least one big upset remains. . .

No. 24 Minnesota Vikings               Grade: D+

The 2013 Draft got off to a great start for Minnesota. It was rumored Sharrif Floyd might go as high as No. 3 overall. He made an excellent marriage of value and need at No. 23 for the Vikings. Things went sideways after that.

Minnesota has bet the farm on Christian Ponder, but they’ve consistently paired him with projects at receiver. If the Vikings had one target in this entire draft, it needed to be DeAndre Hopkins.

After opting for Xavier Rhodes cost them a shot at Hopkins, they pulled off a trade with the Patriots that was equally parts daring panache and stunning desperation. Fresh off the Percy Harvin Experience, they selected a Michael Keaton-shaving-his-tongue clone in Cordarrelle Patterson. The Tennessee product brings elite athleticism to the table, but not the otherworldly talents of Megatron or Starscream.

Minnesota needs a field-stretching talent to develop Ponder and create room for Purple Jesus. Despite his 16.9 yards per catch average last year, Patterson’s current route-running prowess suggests a steady diet of screens and a flurry of end-arounds. On a more positive note, Patterson’s landing spot bolsters his fantasy value immensely. Much like Austin alighting in St. Louis, Patterson goes to a team that has proven willing to create a large number of touches for a wide receiver who lacks a refined outside skill set.

Conversely, trying to get Patterson involved might cost Peterson a few touches. It’s probably coincidence, but AP really blew up last year after Harvin’s injury.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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