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Jeff Ireland

Jeff Ireland hoping I won’t use a Cyril Figgis quote to caption this photo

I’ve been looking at the fantasy repercussions of the 2013 Draft and giving out a few grades and rankings. The grades mostly focus on fantasy-relevant positions, but I’m also examining overall positional value and strategy. A complete list of teams already covered can be found at my author archive.

No. 23  Miami Dolphins                                           Grade: D+

The top of the draft was pretty entertaining. The Chiefs, Jags, and Eagles all selected tackles despite having upper echelon players at the position already on their rosters. The Dolphins, who do not have such a player, tossed away the 42nd overall pick in order to move up and not take a tackle. (You know you’ve done something unexpected when Adam Schefter doesn’t see it coming.)

Dion Jordan is worth the bounty if your goal is to win the NFL Combine. Otherwise, he’s a little raw and a little bit of a tweener. He’s also a strange fit in Miami, but the coaches supposedly have a plan for him.

I’ve got to admit a tad bit of skepticism about players who need to have a ‘plan’ in order to be successful. A couple of years ago, I gave the Chiefs an F- for the 2010 draft. Any time you use the No. 35 pick on a WR conversion candidate who just happens to own a HaSS below 75 and whose name already has all the sarcastic headlines embedded. . .  Oh, but wait! The Chiefs had a ‘plan’ for him. Evidently that plan was to run a proud franchise into the ground and earn the 2013 No. 1 overall pick. As W would say, Mission Accomplished.

Jeff Ireland is one of the few GMs with as little credibility as Scott Pioli, so we’ll see. I expect Jordan will eventually be a star, but at best, his near term IDP value takes a hit. It’s not clear how many snaps Jordan will play, if he’ll be put in a position to record sacks, or even what position he’ll be labeled in your league.

The only fantasy-relevant selection on offense would seem to be Mike Gillislee, although that might not be relevant at all. Gillislee generated some excitement in scouting circles as the draft approached, but advanced analytics would probably give him an undraftable grade. Gillislee’s comps just do not show up on NFL rosters. However, if you own Daniel Thomas in a dynasty league and can get a 2045 Round 5 pick for him, you should make that trade. (Although all picks after the projected Singularity have minimal value.)

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