Draft Grades – Green Bay Packers

Johnathan Franklin

I’ve been looking at the fantasy repercussions of the 2013 Draft and giving out a few grades and rankings. The grades mostly focus on fantasy-relevant positions, but I’m also examining overall positional value and strategy. A complete list of teams already covered can be found at my author archive.

No. 6 Green Bay Packers                               Grade: A

The elite front offices continue to dominate the draft. After getting humiliated by San Francisco in the playoffs, the Packers wanted to get bigger. They showed an excellent understanding of positional value by selecting the underrated Datone Jones at No. 26. He gives them size, versatility, and explosiveness in bringing pass rush from multiple positions along the line.

Eddie Lacy would have been a huge reach in the first round but represented value and fit at No. 61. Johnathan Franklin dropped into the fourth round because of a questionable NFL profile, but pairing these two backs dramatically increases Green Bay’s chances that one will hit. If they both hit, the two runners bring different skills to the table and make the Pack that much more difficult to defend.

Finally, the Packers got my No. 1 ranked WR with pick 216, which makes you wonder if the rest of the league was even trying. In case you missed it, Charles Johnson is a better athlete than Cordarrelle Patterson.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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