The Rams Backfield (Part 5): The Next S-Jax and “The Shanny Moneyball Strategy”

Untitled In Part 1 of this analysis of the Rams backfield, I suggested that Terrance Ganaway can become the most valuable member of the Rams backfield in 2013 and beyond . . . if he manages to stick on a roster in his second year. In Part 2, I looked at Daryl Richardson’s prospects through an analysis of prior non-FBS RBs to enjoy top-30 seasons in the NFL, and I noted that Richardson did not have the collegiate production or physical attributes generally associated with the top-30 non-FBS cohort. In Part 3, I looked at Richardson’s prospects through a consideration of the careers of prior rookies who either shared some of his physical attributes or produced first-year seasons similar to his, and I noted that Richardson’s status as a seventh-round selection, especially when combined with his small size, does not speak well for his future. In Part 4, I looked at Isaiah Pead’s future prospects vis-à-vis his draft position, his performance as a rookie, and Jeff Fisher’s RB-usage patterns as a head coach, arguing that Pead’s usage as a rookie suggests that he will not be made the 2013 starter, despite the probability that he would be successful if given the job.

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By Matthew Freedman | @MattFtheOracle | Archive