The 2013 RotoViz Composite Rookie WR Rankings!

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

For about a month the RotoViz studisticians have been hard at work on a top-secret content project: The 2013 RotoViz Composite Rookie Rankings! Leading up to the draft, rankings for one position will be released each day. Today, you can survey the composite rookie WR rankings in this piece. Check here for the RB rankings.  QB and TE rankings to follow. These rankings were created by six different RotoViz writers, with the intention that they be used to help fantasy players in dynasty leagues. These rankings can be thought of as the distillation of all the content we have been producing since January into a compact set of four simple lists. Since we produced the rankings before the NFL Draft, certain assumptions accompany them, such as the rounds in which players are likely to be drafted, the roles they are likely to play in the NFL, etc. After the draft, some of us will likely put out some articles commenting on how a specific player’s draft status and team affect his value as a dynasty asset, but, in general, these are the rankings and we stand by them. Note that the composite rank for any given player is not the mere average of the six different ranks he received from the contributors. Rather, in order to avoid the skewed effects of an outlying ranking, we used a simple point system of Frank’s creating to derive the composite rank. In other words, when you see that DeAndre Hopkins is ranked 1.0, not 1.67, don’t worry—that’s intentional. Given that we balanced considerations of talent, opportunity, and style of play, I think we did a pretty good job. As Frank put it in an email, “This is pretty cool, I would actually probably use the composites before I would even use my own ranks.” For the most part I concur, and I speak on behalf of all the RotoViz contributors when I say that we hope (and anticipate) that you will too. The six rankers were Frank DuPont, Matthew Freedman Jon Moore, Shawn Siegele, Davis Mattek, and Ryan Rouillard.  Without further ado, here they are—the 2013 Composite RotoViz Rookie WR Rankings!

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive

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