The 2013 RotoViz Composite Rookie QB Rankings!

geno_thumb.jpg These are the composite dynasty rankings for the 2013 QB Draft Class as voted by the RotoViz writing community. I’m sure after the excellent job done by Matthew Freedman on RBs, Jon Moore on WRs, and Davis Mattek on TEs, you’re on the edge of your seat to discover where the staff fell on a much-maligned and hotly-contested QB group. (In addition to the Fantasy Douche, the final member of our group, Ryan Rouillard, is off to a very fast start.) As you know by now, the composite rankings reflect our combined effort. The reality rankings, projected selections, and dynasty value beneath the blurbs are my own and shouldn’t be used to cast aspersions on the rest of the group. (To see my contrarian reality rankings for RB and WR, feel free to visit the Banana Stand.) Each player description also acts as an index to the work we’ve done on these prospects over the last several months (which means some of the links are repeated so you don’t have to scroll back up when you realize you really do want to read about how the class performed in high leverage situations). If you end up deciding to subscribe in order to peruse them fully, keep one thing in mind: This is only the beginning. RotoViz will be providing broad and deep content all season to help you dominate your fantasy league, and the information provided in the Apps will be unparalleled on the interwebs.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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