Tavon Austin and 2012’s best red zone receivers

tavon-austin When it comes to receivers, you often hear things like “he’s a deep ball threat,” or “he’s more of a possession guy,” or, my favorite, “he’s a redzone threat.”  But what does it mean to be a redzone threat?  Does a guy just have to be tall?  Should he have great leaping ability?  Is it strictly a matter of winning the ball? Using this awesome RotoViz tool, I ran a little experiment.  I wanted to see which receivers produced touchdowns at the highest rate with their redzone targets.  While this might differ from your definition of “best,” anybody who can be counted on to score points is good by me.  Much to my surprise, a number of smaller receivers, like Tavon Austin, performed well in this metric.  Check out the chart to see the best redzone players who are in the 2013 NFL Draft: (min 12 targets, Defense quality>20)

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive