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According to CBS’ NFL Draft Scout, USC WR Robert Woods is projected as either a 1st or 2nd round pick in the upcoming draft.  As I’ve argued in the past, I think that valuable draft picks should be used to acquire players that have attributes that are in short supply.  Woods’ attributes as a player are probably not in short supply.  He’s about average size and speed.  His production numbers including both his raw and market share adjusted numbers are decent, but not great.  Basically, there are probably a number of guys like Woods available either in the league already as 3rd and 4th WRs on depth charts, or available in the draft.  Having said that, I ran Woods’ comparables to see exactly which receivers he was similar to.  My comps search produced 15 names, which I have narrowed down to 4 by removing guys whose draft position was significantly different from where Woods is expected to go.

In the table below you’ll see Woods’ production and physical measurables along with the same numbers for four similar players.  I’ve also included Cal WR Keenan Allen in the group even though Allen’s numbers are better than Woods’ on almost all of the measures and in some cases by a good amount.  But because they are similar size/speed and are in the same ballpark on the production numbers, I left Allen on the list.

Should an NFL team use a 2nd round pick on Woods?  I don’t really see the point.  I would rather have Da’Rick Rogers at the same or later pick, or Stedman Bailey at a much later pick.  Does this mean that I think he’ll be fantasy football irrelevant?  Honestly I don’t really care.  I just tend not to end up owning guys like Woods because I’m always trying to pick off the oversized or undervalued (or both) type guys.

Name Season WT 40 Time SOS G msYDS msTD YPG TDPG YPR
Robert Woods-Southern California 2012 201 4.51 1.00 12 0.25 0.31 70.75 0.92 11.47
Name Season WT 40 Time SOS G msYDS msTD YPG TDPG YPR
Reche Caldwell-Florida 2001 194 4.53 0.90 11 0.24 0.26 96.27 0.91 16.29
Jeremy Maclin-Missouri 2008 198 4.45 0.68 14 0.28 0.32 90.00 0.93 12.35
Andre Caldwell-Florida 2007 204 4.35 1.28 10 0.30 0.27 76.10 0.70 13.59
Keenan Allen-California 2012 206 4.51 1.09 9 0.37 0.50 81.89 0.67 12.08

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