Latavius Murray, the Can’t-Go-Wrong Running Back Prospect

Latavius-Murray Latavius Murray is a Can’t-Go-Wrong prospect because he only has upside.  CBS’ NFL Draft Scout has him as a 7th rounder.  The value of a 7th round pick is only marginally more than an undrafted free agent, which means that Murray is close to being in Don’t Cost Nothin’ territory.  And yet Murray is a player that I will have my eye on during draft weekend on the outside chance that he ends up on a team where he might contribute in the near future. Below I have a group of Murray comparables and I’ve actually added a column for draft round to illustrate the potential value he might have.  Murray is similar to a number of running backs that went much higher in the draft. If you were going to try to define a type of running back that Murray fits, it would be the oversized/fast running back that was productive in college, including as a receiver.

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive