Is Zac Stacy the best SEC workhorse?

So, you want an every down running back?  You want a guy that can shoulder the load every Sunday against the best players in professional football?  Here’s a suggestion on where you might find him: playing against the best players in college football. In 2013 there are 10 SEC running backs that could be drafted.  These guys have spent the last several years playing with and against future NFL talent and seem likely candidates to make the transition .  But there’s one name who often goes unnoticed: Zac Stacy. When we use the term “workhorse,” we should be looking at weekly consistency.  Full year numbers can mask the nuances of a player’s performance and be skewed with a few high carry games.  For this exercise, we will drill down to the box score level and look at running back performances when they were given 10+ carries in conference games, which approximates the workload of a lead back.

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive

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