Flying Through the 2013 Draft Picks – Running Back Edition

8168563262_f5cd1aae50_c This is the time of the NFL draft season that is made for digging in your heels, blaming NFL teams for getting things wrong, and generally just refusing to move off of your original evaluation. If it sounds like I’m trying to make the NFL draft pundit class (of which I consider myself to be an F-list level member) sound stupid, I’m not. All manner of pundits refuse to update their beliefs in the face of new information. But while the idea of sticking to your guns and holding out your lone wolf position on a player might seem badass, the reality is that we should probably all take more outside information into account when we form opinions. As this idea relates to running backs and the NFL draft, here are two facts that should inform your expectations going forward:

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive