Explosion Index – Ranking the 2013 Running Back Class


David Wilson has one of the higher numbers in the Explosion Index over the past 10 years. Image via Football Schedule/Flickr

With inspiration from several of the other RotoViz writers, and based on some work that I posted yesterday, I created a very simple Explosion Index.  As I discussed yesterday, there are probably about two primary components of athleticism in the Combine measures.  There is the agility component, which probably should include the Shuttle, 3 Cone and 40.  Then there is the explosion portion of the drills, which should include the 40, Broad Jump and Vertical Leap.  I think it’s reasonable to include 40 time in both indices because 40 time is the drill that crosses over in terms of correlation.  I’m also adding weight to the index, as weight correlates with things like 40 time and the 3 Cone.  Because it might look like I’m trying to do some double counting here, let me just say that I think the value of the compositing of these measures is to overcome what are small samples in taking the measurements.

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive