Does Keenan Allen’s 40 Time Matter?

4960872320_8d5901b418_b (1) Short answer: Yes. There has been a good amount of hand wringing on the interwebs following Keenan Allen’s recordation of what I think can only be described as an awful 40 time of 4.71.  The two most common responses that I’ve seen are: 1) Doesn’t matter, and 2) Anquan Boldin ran a 4.72.  I think both of those responses are problematic.  I’ll say that I don’t think things are as bad for Allen as the 40 time might suggest, but that’s for a different reason than I’ve heard given.  My defense of Allen’s 40 time pretty much comes down to a medical defense.  He probably hasn’t been healthy enough to train for the 40, which is probably a pretty important part of running the 40.  Agents don’t spend thousands of dollars every year training their guys because the training doesn’t help.  I’ll return to the medical issue later, but for now let me go through the defenses I’ve seen of Allen’s 40. First, the Doesn’t Matter defense is probably just an exercise in mental inflexibility.  When presented with new evidence, the Doesn’t Matter group is putting their hands over their ears and saying “La la la la,” – they already had enough evidence to make up their mind.  If you’re not actually updating your thinking when new information comes out, are you ever incorporating information into your thinking that doesn’t confirm prior beliefs?

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