Comparing Justin Hunter to Some Past SEC Receivers

8164003768_2c53e8d03a_c (1) One of the things that’s really difficult to do as it relates to Justin Hunter is know exactly how much we should price in his recovery from ACL surgery into our draft thinking.  It seems reasonable to assume that it probably affected his season last year.  It might even be possible that Hunter isn’t fully back from the knee and that was the reason for his slow 40 time.  The hell you say?  A 4.44 40 isn’t slow?  Well it’s kind of not slow, but for a world-beater prospect that only weighs 196 pounds, it’s slow.  But again, if you tell me that he’s not all the way back but he’s making progress, then I would be fine forgetting about the 40 and to a degree forgetting about the 2012 season.  It’s not that Hunter was bad, it’s that I heard people talking about him as if he could be Randy Moss before he got injured.  Randy Moss is reported to have run a 4.25 40 at his Combine and I’m not sure how much he weighed then, but he played most of his career at over 210 pounds.  Given that Hunter averaged Randy Moss-type yards per reception numbers as a freshman and sophomore, I think it’s logical to assume that he used to be faster.

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