Agility Index – Ranking the 2013 Running Back Class


Doug Martin has one of the higher numbers on the Agility Index over the past 10 years. Image via Football Schedule.

Based on inspiration from Shawn Siegele’s work on Agility Scores and then my post yesterday on the dimensions of athleticism measured at the Combine, I’m offering the table below as an Agility Index Composite.  The Explosion Index that I wrote about earlier was a little more straightforward because the components that go into the Explosion Index are more often measured.  You’ll note from the table below that there are a number of missing observations. For the Agility Index I took the idea that 40 times correlate with 3 Cone, which correlates with the Short Shuttle and then created a composite measure.  I also add in weight because weight also correlates with both 40 time and 3 Cone.  Then I just standardize all the measures and do a simple average of the standardized numbers for the drills that we have data for.  I don’t do any weighting of this index because I don’t have any backtest results to support weighting of the index.  Also, because there are missing observations, I thought about removing players that didn’t have data for at least 3 Cone or the Shuttle (as those are the two primary agility measures) but I just decided to leave them in there with the NA so that you could see them. The Composite column is the average of standard deviations above or below the mean for the components of the Agility Index.

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