A Tale of Two Beasts (Part II – Marcus Davis)


In Part I of the series I examined the upside potential of Rutgers wide receiver Mark Harrison, whose Physical Score ranks 2nd among 2013 pass-catchers.  (If you’re wondering who the 1st is, check him out here).  Despite the eye-popping measurables, Harrison’s college stats don’t scream NFL success.

While he was efficient at converting his red zone targets into points, his low market share of Rutgers’ passing yards and passing touchdowns suggests he just wasn’t that dominant a player in college and therefore probably won’t find much more success in pro football.  From a “highest upside” perspective, Harrison probably won’t give you the best bang for your buck.

Virginia Tech’s Marcus Davis, on the other hand, is an entirely different story.  Davis may not hold either of the best Physical Scores this year, but he is still pretty beastly in his own right.  His 3.75 Physical Score puts him in the 95th percentile of all measured wide receivers since 2000.  To put that in further context, check out the Physical Scores of some studly WRs we all know and love:

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By Ryan Rouillard | @ryanrouillard | Archive

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