Stedman Bailey Comparables


Is Austin Collie the rare cross-racial comparison???

Stedman Bailey will be the guy that ends up going a little earlier than expected in your rookie draft if you have any followers of algorithmic projection systems in your dynasty league.  Bailey’s 2012 season at WVU was so impressive on the stat sheet that it’s actually difficult to come up with good comparables for him.  One of the problems is that when you start to reach the edges of a distribution, the dataset becomes really sparse and the names that show up in terms of similarity scores aren’t as similar as you would see for a guy that is more in the middle of the distribution.  Bailey’s 124 yards per game receiving and 60% of his team’s touchdown share qualify as being “edge of the distribution” type of accomplishments. We can however, generate a list of guys who are somewhat similar to Bailey.  But I’m going to do this in two steps.  First I’m going to show you some names of guys whose last college seasons were about as impressive as Bailey’s, but whose draft stock was in another world compared to Bailey.

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive