Keenan Allen and the Disappearing Pac-12 Wide Receiver (Part 2)


Photo via Monicas Dad/Flickr

As you read in part 1 of this article, Pac-12 wide receivers are going extinct. Now it’s time to examine some similarities among failed Pac-12 prospects and see if we can find a trend. Hopefully we can get a read on California WR Keenan Allen. With Allen as our baseline, I set out to create a control group of Pac-12 receivers that are about his size (6’ 2.5’’ 210 lbs). The group consists of: · Dwayne Jarrett, USC (2007 draft, 35 NFL receptions) · Jason Hill, Washington State (2007 draft, 78 NFL receptions) · Damian Williams, USC (2010 draft, 91 NFL receptions) · Brandon Gibson, Washington State (2009 draft, 174 NFL receptions) · And, to help demonstrate my point, Hakeem Nicks from UNC. (2009 draft, 255 NFL receptions) The first thing that strikes me about these players is their futile yards per target rate. While the Pac-12 guys struggled to surpass 9 yards/target in their final college season, an elite prospect like Nicks was approaching 12 yards/target. It looks like Allen is in fifth place when isolating on their final season.

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive

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